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  1. In these conditions “the company” means the Great Central Railway (Nottingham) Ltd and includes its agents and staff.
  2. Tickets are not transferable.
  3. Tickets are valid only for travel on the date shown thereon, or the date shown thereon and the specified number of subsequent dates in the case of multi day tickets.
  4. Any passenger making a journey to a station beyond that to which he holds a valid ticket must pay the balance of the fare to the travelling ticket inspector or to that station on completion of the journey.
  5. Any ticket which has been so torn or mutilated that any material information is defaced will not be valid and the holder of such a ticket must pay again the fare for the journey completed.
  6. All tickets must be produced on on request by the company’s staff or agents and, if required, be surrendered at the completion of the journey. Any passenger failing to produce a ticket will be liable to pay again the fare for the journey completed.
  7. Passengers must examine their tickets and change on booking. The company will not be responsible for any mistakes unless attention is drawn to them immediately. The company is under no obligation to give change.
  8. The company does not undertake to make any return or refund in respect of lost, mislaid or unused (wholly or partly) tickets or fares paid as a result of a passenger’s failure to produce or surrender a ticket.
  9. The company will not be liable for any loss, damage or delay arising from: a) the failure of any passenger to ensure that he is boarding the correct train; b) the failure of any passenger to alight at the correct station; c) the fact that there is not sufficient accommodation on any particular train; d) the failure of the company for any cause to reserve accommodation which it may have been requested to reserve; e) the carriage in any vehicle of more passengers than the number for which it was constructed; f) the early or late departure of any service or any deviation from the timetable or cancellation of any service; g) the failure to make connections whether advertised or not with any other transport undertaking.
  10. In the event of condition 9c applying, any fare paid will be refunded provided the application is made before the departure of the train. The holding of a ticket does not guarantee a seat on a particular train or at a particular time.
  11. The arrangements shown in the company’s timetables may be altered at any time and may be suspended for any reason, without prior notice. The issue of tickets of a particular type may be suspended without notice if the company deems it expedient.
  12. The company shall be under no obligation to convey passengers by rail, nor by any particular form of locomotive power. In the event of road services being substituted these conditions shall apply.
  13. In the event of any special class of accommodation for which a supplementary fare is payable being provided by the company on any service, such fare must be paid by any passenger making the whole or any part of the journey in such accommodation, and tickets for such supplement are subject to these conditions as if they were ordinary tickets.
  14. The company shall not be liable in any case of loss of, delay to or detention of any article or articles left in or on the company’s vehicles, trains or premises whether with permission of any servant or agent of the company or not.
  15. Any articles found in or on the company’s vehicles, trains or premises by any person shall be deemed to be in the possession of the company and must be immediately handed in to the custody of a member of the company’s staff.
  16. The company shall not be liable to the owner of any article lost, mislaid or left in or on its vehicle, trains or premises for any loss, damage, deviation, misdelivery, delay or detention to said article, however caused. All such articles, if not claimed by their true owners within three months, may be disposed of, and if sold the proceeds may be retained by the company.
  17. The company reserves the right to refuse admission to station platforms to any person not intending to travel by train.
  18. In cases where the Company issues platform tickets conditions 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,11,14, &15 hereof shall apply, and in addition the company shall not be liable for personal injury, whether fatal or otherwise, loss damage, delay or detention suffered by the holder, however caused. Any tickets issued for entry to the company’s depots or yards shall be deemed to be platform tickets for the purpose of these conditions.
  19. Members’ privilege tickets (as applicable to members of Friends of Great Central Main Line), working members’ passes, complimentary tickets and any other class of tickets, passes or permits which the company issues are subject to these conditions and to the further condition that any pass or identification document necessary for such concession shall be produced in advance at the time of booking and on all occasions when the ticket is produced for inspection or surrender. Failure so to produce it renders the holder liable to pay the full ordinary fare.
  20. The company reserves the right to refuse to carry any luggage or merchandise etc, whether by any service or by any specified train.
  21. Subject to Condition 20, when accommodation is available the company will convey accompanied bicycles and articles of a similar nature in the luggage compartment (on payment of any appropriate fare).  Accompanied dogs are conveyed (on payment of any appropriate fare) provided that other passengers are not inconvenienced. Guide dogs accompanying blind persons, and also trained assistance dogs in general, may travel in passenger compartments free of charge.
  22. Every effort will be made to ensure that steam locomotives haul our services when rostered. However, should a steam locomotive be unavailable, the Company reserves the right to substitute with a diesel locomotive without prior notice. In this event, tickets may be exchanged for an alternative day where possible but no refund will be made available.
  23. The company reserves the right to refuse entry to stations, yards or any part of its premises and to carry any person on its trains, whether or not that person holds a valid ticket, without giving a reason.
  24. Passengers are at all times subject to the directions of the company’s staff, including directions made for the benefit of health and safety.
  25. Passengers shall not board or leave any train except when it is stationary at a station (having checked first that the carriage door being used is adjacent to the platform).
  26. Passengers shall not open a door or lean out of a window when the train is in motion.
  27. The company shall be under no liability for loss or damage to any motor vehicle (including bicycles, caravans and motor cycles) on or about the company’s premises, nor to any personal property in or about such motor vehicle, however caused.