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Rushcliffe Halt Train Station

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Welcome to the Rushcliffe Halt train station.  The station is situated south on the GCRN's main centre at Ruddington and forms the first stop from the centre as the trains travel towards Loughborough where it stops short of the mainline services.


Rushcliffe Halt provides ample parking, toilets and refreshments (selected dates/ times) and 2 platforms for accessing the train services.  It also provide train links for the local population to Ruddington for special events like Fireworks night and all other special events held at the centre.


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Our location


We are situated on the northern outskirts of East Leake village in South Nottinghamshire by the HQ for British Gypsum who uses the line for freight.


The station is below the bridge on Gotham Road entered via the same access road to British Gypsum.


Here you will see the gate entrance and sign for Rushcliffe Halt. The map to the right shows our location.


We are also easily accessible via public transport with a regular service provided by Nottingham City Transport (Timetable Here)

RH Map






History Rushcliffe Halt


The Rushcliffe Halt station has been situated here since around 1899 where it used to provide services to the adjacent golf course and was in use up to around 1963 for passenger services where it was removed from the line as an official station.  However the line continued in use for freight to the British Gypsum site. 


Originally at the site where 3 platforms, ticket office (up the hill) and a foot bridge across the main platforms east to west allowing passengers to quickly change platforms.  The site is below the Gotham road bridge which is the main route out of East Leake village towards Nottingham.  The photo to the left shows its look and in 1963 when passenger traffic stopped:



Further north up the line is a signalling house (Hotchley Hill - short walk up track) and building which provided the local signalling in the area for passenger and freight traffic. As can be seen in the picture (above) the area was littered with tracks and sidings to provide for the demands of the freight business.


The site continued with freight until around 1984 when it became disused to a certain extent. However due to the heritage work in taking over the track and various stations, freight services began again in 1998 and continue to this day.


It is now very active with both the heritage trains and gypsum freight. The freight trains use the track Monday to Friday with up to 3 trains a day although it use is seasonal and not always in use. The freight trains enter the heritage rail system at Loughborough where there is a track junction to allow trains to entre from a southerly direction.


Many people stand at the bridge during the week and watch the freight train being loaded and unloaded - it is quite a site with a forklift the size of a house moving very large containers on and off trucks towards the freight wagons!


More recently the site was cleaned up and a wooden porta cabin structure was put in place as the heritage team started to plan improving the station facilities. Access to the site is now on the east side of the track up stairs towards a car park area on the normal road level. This provides connection to the main Gotham road for vehicle and pedestrian access.

In 2011 the wooden porta cabin was replaced with a blue metal porta cabin which is now present in the car park area as a welcome centre. It has also been used as a training room for training railway staff and is also used by the local team. Visitors to the site during special events will be able to obtain refreshments and information from the porta cabin as well.



Since 2012 the site has had another major effort to improve facilities and attempts to take the site back to its 1960s setup with the addition of on platform shelters completed in Feb2013. This will provide much needed shelter when the weather is not so pleasant.

Also the banking area has been cleared again to help the site being seen from the roadside. It has also been cleared by the Nottingham council via grant to help a special butterfly colony found to be around the rail track areas on the GCRN. The Grizzled Skipper butterflies thrive on such areas and we and Butterfly Conservation group will do what we can to maintain that.

Rushcliffe New 2


Work is also continuing at the old signal house where the team hope to make the space a useful part of the experience at Rushcliffe Halt be it a short walk to gain access to it up the track. There are also plans to improve the stairs from the car park and overall improvements in the look of the site during 2013.




As always none of this is possible without countless hours of work from volunteers and specialists.  At the halt there is shortage of volunteers stationed here and we rely heavily on the great crew and teams at the Heritage Centre to make the station what it is today.   There is also potential to look further down the line towards east Leake station in the future.  If you are able to spare a few hours during the weekend (generally Sunday) to help out opening, closing, painting, gardening, maintaining the site etc. it would be very much appreciated.  Please contact Neil Thorley the station master on 07973 294081 for further details.