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A few weeks ago we were contacted by 281 Squadron - Royal Logistics Corps in relation to a training exercise they were planning. As always, we were only too happy to help....... Sodor 1
Sodor 2  Ex SODOR was conducted over 2 weekends, the first involved the theory and planning of moving vehicles and equipment by rail. Soldiers were taught and tested on the selection of rolling stock, planning loads and calculating train configuration and how to conduct themselves and supervise others to work safely on the rail head.
The second weekend was to conduct a reconnaissance of a railhead and present findings to the Squadron Officer Commanding. The staff at the Great Central Railway at Ruddington kindly agreed to allow us the use of their facility for our training. Our soldiers were tasked with looking at the potential of the rail head and what commodities could be loaded and the number and type of vehicles that could be moved. The ability to get “hands on” experience outside the classroom is essential in order to bring Army logistic planning to life. All those that took part enjoyed the day and were able to present a comprehensive report to the Officer Commanding. Sodor 4
Sodor 5

The Regiment would like to thank GCRN - Great Central Railway Nottingham for allowing 281 Squadron RLC to use their facilities, providing a valuable training opportunity.


Published: 17 November 2018 21:55

Author: Phil Stanway