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Maintaining structures on a fast-developing 10-mile ex main-line railway is a very varied and rewarding (and busy!), activity. Because the railway closed to passengers in 1966 and then was only used for freight, many of the structures (such as the station buildings at East Leake), were demolished. In addition, our main site at Ruddington was not a railway facility, but a former MOD depot, so while the site had workshop facilities, some of which were rail served, we also had a lot of new-build to create passenger and visitor facilities, as well as providing structures which will be used to operate the railway itself (such as the signalbox and huge locomotive servicing shed).

This is indicative of our varied work. Our achievements to date are also notable:


  • Completion of the impressive 8-coach platform at Ruddington
  • Structure support for raising the line speed south of Rushcliffe Halt to 25MPH.
  • New lamp room/store at Ruddington.
  • Provision of steps to complete Ruddington Signalbox (ex-Neasden, GC).
  • Repair of vandalism to Asher Lane Crossing 'box and our own Country Park Kiosk.
  • Rectification work to East Leake Tunnel following water damage to allow resumption of services.
  • New waiting shelters at Rushcliffe Halt (East Leake)
  • Ongoing maintenance of all the railway's overbridges, underbridges and culverts, as well as fences and boundaries.



Our team is based at Ruddington where we have a large base. Our equipment includes Landrovers, a Road-Rail Vehicle, various lifts and plant, as well as use of the railways collection of freight vehicles which are used to move materials and equipment.

We plan our work weeks and often months in advance, and allocate volunteers to specific projects. Where necessary we provide training and instruction to members of our team to enable them to operate plant and equipment, both on and off-rail.

As our team comprises volunteers both retired and in employment, we have groups within the team that work weekdays and/or at weekends. Weekends are when we have the greatest number of people engaged on our projects.

Our 10-mile railway, supporting both heritage passenger and regular freight trains has a vast future potential. In the near-term we will continue to develop passenger facilities (such as stations and station buildings), railway facilities (such as signalboxes and servicing sheds) and our existing structures. The future might include extension of the railway to the former Ruddington station site and even a connection with the expanding Nottingham tram system. It will also eventually include the restoration of the demolished rail bridge over the midland main line at Loughborough, enabling the GCR and GCRN to finally be reunited.


Our team are instrumental in the development of the railway, a vitalrole that is highly rewarding. Why-not help us bring these plans to reality?!